Jumaat, 6 April 2012

Bestnya Tulip Festival di Holland::

Alhamdulillah~!!..trip to vietnam sgt best!!..even kalau org luar sana ckp 'alaaa, vietnem jerrr'...tp 'vietnam jerrr pon lain dr yg lain dik yangs'..ekekke...trip with biz partners yg sgt enjoyy, exciting & of course more loving with each other...just ended around 2 weeks ago, now!!..trip to europe memanggil sudahhh...weet~!!..weet~!!...syukurr dipertemukan jodoh dgn biz yg cukup hebat ini with 3 times every year FREE travel to oversea!!...(thumb nail to company!!..;)

5 days countdown to be there at amsterdam city!!..& da best part, we are going during tulips festival..!!.travel agent just called me to inform that the whether ovrthere is around 3-13 celcius!!..ohhh, sooo cold babeh!!..must prepare a lots of sweater yg tebal2, legging & not to forget PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET!!..becoz corset dapat membantu memanaskan suhu badan...thats why i really love premium beautiful corset!!..almost everyday wajib pakai!..;)

free holiday to amsterdam in netherlands with premium beautiful top agents
Bunga tulips memanggilku ke sanaa~!!...weehuuuu..;)

so, for people out there, do not worry!!..u still have a chance to get a FREE trip!..where to??..to GUANGZHOU of course this coming july..before puasa & hari raya!!..boleh shopping for hari rayaaa...& da best part, guangzhou is famous with lowest price..many people around da world take supply from there for their business...with wonderful & modern of city in guangzhou!!..;)

free holiday to amsterdam in netherlands with premium beautiful from adibah
modern city of guangzhou!..

lets be part of my team & get your FREE ticket to guangzhou!!..last call for rebate for this month to get first bonus rm4500, will be yours~!!..book your appointment & i'll will show you how~!!..;)

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