Jumaat, 16 September 2011

Business vs working??....!!

Salam...hello guys..its been too long x update my blogs!!soo sorry...quite bz wif a lots of appointments sana sini..huhu..but,i loikeeee!!!....;)

why i really love my business ??...becoz it was sooo easy to u guys to get a big!!big!!bonus or income every month...mcm petik jari klu nk 4-5 figure..gheeee;p..yela, petik2 jari pun kn ada effort ohkey..bukan menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba..no..no..no...hehehhehe...;)

Today i wanna share wif u oulss, bout our works nowadays...Do u love ur work???sila angkat tangan....im so salute yg angkat tangan...hehehhe..As u know guys, living in kuala lumpur or bandar2 yg besar, klu nak harapkan makan gaji seriously im telling u guys, TAK CUKOP!!!..periuk besar, income of coursela kn besar kan?kalau periuk kecik,income pon mestila besar ohkey..bukan kecik..becoz, semua harga barang sekarang boleh dikatakan almost 80% naik!!!minyak petrol of course soon akan naik jugakk!!...fuishhh...so??whats our planning???

Thats one da reason why i choose not to makan gaji, but do my own business with my lovely group..no stress, no traffic jammed early in da morning,rushing...huishhhh...TIDAKKK!!!..if i counting back..eventho im not working, but i still can get my own a.k.a solid income every month..not just only 4 figure, but up till 5 figure!!!syukur alhamdulillah....;)

how i do??..In this business we do by teamwork, by group!!Just follow da step org2 yg berjaya..Da key of this business, just follow da step & leader, then u will get ur dream??

Everybody, have their own dream??whats ur dream guys??...me??firstly, Big income every month 5 till 6 figure!!sponsor everything to my luvly mum..(dad was past away..;(..balas jasa my mum..coz she's my everything!!..Dream car...(shhhh..tungguuu...), Travel around da world, Dream house....& of course yg paling membebankan settlekan Hutang!!hohoho..then i will have a FREE LIFESTYLE...weeehuuuuu...now im in the midst of making it all...!!

What about u guys??just nak tgk je ke org berjaya??no action??...Lets join our team babeh..Will show u how..Enjoy free tip to EUROPE...FULLY SPONSORED BY COMPANY!!!..DUBAI, HOLLAND, BELGIUM, PARIS...wohooooo!!!marvelous...im luvin it!!!!..;)

So hurry!!!hurry!!...Lets make appointment with me...Will show u hoW....;)

(1st bonus RM4500..CONFIRM!!!)

(Free trip to Europe, HOLLAND & BELGIUM)

Holla holla me !!!

019-6615447 (ADIBAH)


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